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The three interconnected issues of food safety, food nutrition and food security are some of the most challenging issues in Africa’s quest to provide adequate, nutritious and safe food to its growing population.

The three issues also negatively affect the continent’s ability to boost consumer health and enhance local, regional and international trade – making the continent one of the most vulnerable to hunger, food-borne illnesses and death, trade restrictions,  and loss of economic and social potential.

The Africa Food Safety Summits are Africa’s premier and largest international food safety, quality and food systems conferences and exhibitions.

The Summits bring together regional and global experts and stakeholders to share the latest trends in food safety, quality management, nutrition, food security, science and technology; regulations, standards and compliance; and sustainable adoption of safe practices and technologies in the entire agriculture and food value chain in Africa.

Held since 2021, the Summits aim at providing the pan-African platform where key decision makers can converge every year, in a number of locations across Africa, to network, learn and trade, as they seek solutions to Africa’s unique food and agriculture sector challenges.

The Summits brings together investors, managers and professionals in the private, public, academia and NGO/development organisations from across Africa and the World.


Upcoming Editions in Africa

September 4-5, 2024

April 22-24, 2025

Key Highlights at the Summits

CONFERENCE – High-level conference addressed by leaders from the food and agriculture sector, Government ministries and agencies, NGOs and development organisations and academic and research institutions

EXPO HALL – Exhibition Hall showcasing the latest technologies and innovations from local, regional and global companies that are focused on the food and agriculture value chain players in Africa

NETWORKING & FUN – Take advantage of the Summit to meet with colleagues, Government agency regulators, suppliers of new technologies and other stakeholders from Africa and globally.