Meet the People & Programs Changing the Food Safety, Quality & Food Systems Landscape in Africa


The Program & Speaking at the Summit

The Africa Food Safety Summit provides the best platform to hear and network with leading investors, managers and professionals in the food and agriculture sector in Africa.

The Program at the Summits include key-note speeches, executive interviews, panel discussions, presentations and poster presentations from researchers and academicians from Africa and beyond.

The Summits give individuals, businesses and organisations the platform to be recognised as the leading voices on the subjects of food safety, quality and food systems in Africa. 

At the Summit, you will hear from leading voices from the food and agriculture sector, government agencies and ministries, NGOs and development organisations and academia and research institutions.

Further, you will also hear from some of the World’s leading suppliers of the equipment, ingredients, training and consultancy services, packaging, supply chain and other solutions that are vital for building up the Africa to feed itself with nutritious and safe food products.

We invite leading voices to join us as speakers or panelists at these pan-African events, either physically or virtually.

Speaking at these high-level Summits give you the best platform to lead the transformation of Africa’s food systems as the Continent seeks to feed its growing population as well as improve its economic prospects through improved trade within and with the rest of the World.

And critically, you will also demonstrate your leadership and knowledge to the food industry stakeholders that shall contribute to your personal and business growth.

Confirmed Speakers

The following people have confirmed their participation as Speakers at the next edition of the Summits:

Past Speakers

The following people have previously appeared at past editions of the Summits (NOTE: Some Speakers may have changed their roles and organisations since they appeared at the Summit)