Why Attend Africa Food Safety Summits?


The Africa Food Safety Summits bring together the private sector, Government, NGOs, development organizations and academic and research institutions from across Africa and the World

At the Summit, attendees discover the latest ideas and appropriate solutions and technologies that boost Africa’s capacity to avail safe food to its growing population, while enabling the Continent to trade better within itself and into the regional and international markets.

The specific objectives of the Summit are:

  • Provide a platform to exchange the latest knowledge, experience and expertise in food safety, food nutrition, food processing and new technologies within the food and agro value chains in Africa
  • Improve local, regional and global collaboration initiatives on food nutrition, food security and food safety initiatives;
  • Provide a platform where technology and service providers can showcase their latest products and services to the industry, Goverment/NGOs and other stakeholders, hence improving the adoption of the latest technologies in Africa’s food and agro sector;
  • Improve the quality and food safety aspects of the food, agricultural and processed food and feed products in Africa, hence boosting trade and market access to local, regional and overseas markets;
  • Amplify the awareness of consumers on food safety, regulatory and public health issues and how each stakeholder can contribute to a safer food environment in the Continent.
  • Provide a platform to amplify the opportunities to boost local agricultural production, value addition and improved supply chains in Africa’s food and agro sector


The Summits bring together a broad array of key decision makers from the private sector, Government, NGOs, development organizations and academic and research institutions from across Africa and the World, with the following titles and responsibilities:

  • MDs, GMs, Chairmen, Directors, CEO, etc.
  • Food Retailing, Distribution and Vending
  • Food Processing & Supply Chain Management
  • Hospitality, Food Catering & Restaurant Services Management
  • Food Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Nutrition & Food Safety Legislation & Policy Making
  • Nutrition Technology & Food Safety Software Design, Sales & Management
  • Food Fraud, Adulteration, Traceability Management
  • Food Safety Training, Auditing & Consultancy
  • Processing, Storage & Testing Equipment & Supplies Management
  • Nutrition, Public Safety & Health Management
  • Standards Policing, Accreditation & Inspection, Risk Management & Risk Communications
  • Regulatory & Scientific Affairs Management
  • Food Engineering and Production
  • Cleaning, Environmental & Pest Control Management
  • Nutrition, Quality, Lab & Quality Systems Management
  • Nutrition & Product Innovation Research & New Product Development
  • Nutrition & Food Safety Litigation Services
  • Agriculture and Agribusiness Management
  • Hospitals and other Institutions (Schools, Prisons etc) Management